“This month’s Fake Ad is on page 29–for The Doug Henning Institute of Magical Consciousness,” wrote Melodie Marske. “Well done rising to the challenge with the first letters of a very LONG last name in the Doug Henning quote.”

Marske was one of 146 clever Fake Adders who spotted the ad. Sylvia Ruiz also commented on the degree of difficulty in hiding the name. “The surname of last month’s winner, Langeneckert, can be found in the first letter of each word in the Doug Henning quote,” Ruiz wrote.

Matthew Hickey included a personal reminiscence. “I got to meet Doug in the mid-70’s at my ex-wife’s house,” Hickey wrote. “Her dad was a well-known magician who had a magic shop on William St. (next to the Students for a Democratic Society office), and a couple doors from my shop, Campus Barber & Beauty Salon, and she was a box jumper (lovely assistant) and a fire eater. It is because of Doug that I love close-up magic. There is no ‘trick’ to it, just skill. Three times he counted money into my hand and he ended up with more than I got. Wow, it was amazing.”

Kevin Gilson was chosen as our winner. He’s chosen Common Grill for his gift certificate; according to their website, they hope to reopen in mid May.

We’re also hoping to have The Fake Ad Book done in May. See our ad on in the May issue to preorder.