Broc Curry opened Your Media Exchange (YMX) June 20 in Roeda Studio’s former space on S. Main selling new and used music, movies, and video games. It’s Curry’s second location; the first, in Toledo, opened in 2020.

Sporting a black souvenir “Amoeba” T-shirt from a recent visit to the iconic California music stores, Curry, forty-five, and a few employees were unloading merchandise from a cargo van a week before opening.

Amoeba is “the rock star of record stores to me,” he explains, and he hopes to emulate the best of what that store offers on a smaller scale. Curry visits record stores across the country to curate YMX’s inventory (it’s about fifty-fifty new and used), which is housed in a Toledo warehouse and at his two stores. 

Initially Curry looked for a space in Ypsilanti but stumbled on the Ann Arbor vacancy on Craigslist. After his new landlords visited Curry’s Toledo location, they thought the business would be a great fit, he says. 

“I don’t see it as a competitive thing,” he says of joining Underground Sounds and Encore Records downtown. “For what we do, there are collectors, and hopefully it will bring even more people out, because that’s what collectors do.” 

“There are no stores in Ann Arbor for movies … 4K is super-hot with collectors” right now, he says, as he pulls out a copy of the just-released The Northman, as well as cult and classic titles from boutique distributors Vinegar Syndrome and Arrow Video.

The store’s website offers updated in-store and warehouse inventory and YMX ships and takes special orders—a boon for his business, he says, during the pandemic.

 “We have Hootie and the Blowfish—and we have stuff you won’t find everywhere,” he says. With some 10,000 pieces of vinyl in the Ann Arbor store and even more on DVDs and VHS tapes, “we have everything from the mainstream to the obscure.”

Curry says he’ll get his buying department up and running sometime in July and will offer cash or trade for used items, based on supply and demand.

Your Media Exchange, 319 S. Main, Mon.–Sat. 11 a.m.–9 p.m., Sun. noon–6 p.m.