Returning students will find a different bar at the corner of Forest and South U where World of Beer used to be. Chad Wilson and Steve Rossi moved their WOB franchise to Canton–all WOBs are adding kitchens and full menus, and there was no room here. They’ve renamed their former WOB on the ground floor of the Landmark student high-rise Dick Tyler’s Tavern.

Unlike WOB, Dick’s is not a franchise or trying to grow. “It’s a one-off,” Wilson explains. “Dick Tyler was my grandfather. He was my best friend.” Name aside, it’s much the same: same number of TVs, same furniture, same live and DJ music. The one change is “we now have pitchers and buckets of beer and draft cocktails.” That’s draft, not craft, though they’re crafted from Wilson’s own recipes, mixed by the batch. Available by the glass or the pitcher, they include Dick’s Northern Ice Tea, Michigan Mule, and Mary’s Cosmo.

Dick Tyler’s Tavern, 1300 South University, 913-2430. Daily noon-2 a.m.