“Only one place in Ann Arbor has such a wonderful display of keys,” writes Angad Singh. “It’s Vogel’s Lock and Safe (of course!)” exclaims Ingrid Ault. “In business since 1913!” adds Tim Reade.

“When we first moved into Ann Arbor in 1960, the place for keys and locks was–and still remains–Vogel’s Locksmiths,” writes Helen Aminoff. Kristen Schleick calls the West Washington business “one of the last great institutions downtown.” And Lesley Littman notes the shop’s clever miniature marketing: “Almost every house I have rented in Ann Arbor has come with a key stamped ‘VOGEL’S’.”

Marlys Hamill says, “The amount of keys in the window is amazing.” “If it were like a jellybean contest, how many would there be?” ponders Kristen Mowrey. And Carrie Throm “love[s] the cute little Wolverine in the window!” He’s “looking for a new football coach,” jokes Paul Gallagher.

Joe Eggleston won our random drawing. He’ll enjoy his $25 gift certificate at Performance Network.

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