Last fall, Underground Sounds left its longtime location on Liberty and moved into the former Peaceable Kingdom store on Main.

In July, it headed east again to Washington, taking a spot next to Amadeus that had been a tap room and events space for Arbor Brewing Company.

Owner Matt Bradish says the 1,400-square-foot shop, which he thought would be an asset, turned out to be too roomy. “It was a lot of walking back and forth,” he says.

He says the Peaceable Kingdom location was always meant to be temporary, and that Carol Lopez, who ran the whimsical gift and fine handicrafts shop from 1986 to 2017, understood the reasons behind his departure.

Mark Wilfong, Lopez’s son, says the space will get a new tenant “who honors the history of the building.”

Bradish says that the pandemic created a number of new vinyl fans.

“We’ve been doing better than we ever have before. People were bored,” he says, and records were a perfect solution. Unlike streaming or downloads, “You have to be home to enjoy it,” he says.

But on the flip side, record manufacturers haven’t been able to press enough vinyl to keep up with the new demand, meaning record sellers have had trouble getting inventory.

“More than half the Beatles’ catalog has been on back order for nine months,” he says.

Bradish says the new shop has less retail space, but that’s fine, because half his business now comes from online sales.

He’s set aside a back room exclusively to process mail orders. While records remain in short supply, Bradish is confident that manufacturing capacity will catch up and asks buyers to be patient until he can restock.

Ultimately, he hopes to extend his hours to match those of Amadeus’s neighbor on the other side: Literati. He says they seem to serve similar customers.

Underground Sounds, 120 E. Washington. (734) 327-9239. Mon.-Thurs. 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Fri. 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Sun. noon-6 p.m.