“Way to help all of us reading the Observer keep up with new art around Ann Arbor!” says Melodie Marske. “This painting was just finished” writes Xue Dietrich. “I was watching that mural get made a few weeks ago,” says Alexander Marsh, who “knew exactly what it was.” It’s the “new mural on the side of the McKinley building on North Main Street,” says Jerri Jenista.

“I spy the plane pulling the banner on the wonderful Treetown mural,” writes Susan Agler. The banner, notes David Karl, has “the company’s name on it.”

“I love the murals McKinley and Oxford have done this summer,” writes Monet Tiedemann; the second is a mural in progress by artist Cathy Gendron on the south side of Oxford’s building on Fifth. McKinley’s is the work of TreeTown Murals–founder Mary Thiefels and project team members Danijel Matanic and Narooz Soliman.

Thirteen readers submitted entries identifying the TreeTown McKinley mural. Our winner, drawn randomly from the correct entries is Jerri Jenista, who will donate her $25 gift certificate to the Michigan Theater Foundation.

To enter this month’s contest, use the photo and clue on the Back Page of the October issue and send it to the address listed at the bottom of the page.