Dems Dominate 

“It’s a beautiful day,” says Ann Arbor state senator Jeff Irwin two days after Michigan Democrats won the executive, legislative, and judicial state elections on November 8. “We have a whole new set of opportunities to make our...

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Question Corner, August 2022

Q. Can you explain Michigan’s rules for ordering wine shipments?  A. Michigan’s laws governing alcohol sales are labyrinthine. When the 21st Amendment ended Prohibition in 1933, the state set up a three-tier regulatory system: a...

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Long Covid

It’s called “Long Covid,” and Smith is a member of a particularly susceptible population. In a new U-M study, one in four women reported symptoms lasting more than ninety days, compared to one in six men.  “I didn’t need to be...

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Question Corner, July 2022

Q. “Not infrequently the mail delivery person will stomp across my front yard, and through my garden, to get to the next delivery, next door. Isn’t she/he expected to stay on the sidewalk?” A. A USPS communications specialist...

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Back to School, Back to Work

The halls of a community college are filled with a sense of urgency. Whether it’s rushing to make it to class before getting marked late or hurrying out the door just in time for work, the atmosphere is filled with hard...

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