Last year, the New Theatre Project found a home at Pot & Box, a tiny garden store at 220 Felch. TNTP, which stages classic texts as contemporary performance pieces, ran three shows there–but also discovered its limits as a theater: the room seated just twenty people, the store sometimes needed the space for its own functions, and audience members had to cross the stage to get to the restroom. So this year, founder Keith Paul Medelis decided it was time to uproot.

Medelis, TNTP’s artistic director, searched all over Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti before seeing the light–literally, streaming from a studio in Pot and Box’s building on Felch. The former factory, he learned, was already an arts complex, home to graphic designers, dancers, and metal workers. “We were looking all over the county, and what we were looking for was next door,” Medelis realized. Space was available, so TNTP found its new home without changing its address.

Like its productions, TNTP’s new, fifty-seat theater will rely on repurposed materials. “We’re asking people to donate a chair and personalize it in some way,” Medelis says. “When they come to a show, they can sit in their own chairs.” TNTP’s first show in the new space, The Everyman Project, opens April 26.