I Spy “the facade detail on Rackham,” writes Joe Cialdella, where he hopes to return to his office “one day in the not too distant future!” Marilyn Knepp knew “that architectural ornament” well–she re-created it in a quilt that hung outside the dean’s office.

“[D]esigned by William Kapp [and] completed in 1938,” writes David Karl, the graduate school’s building was named after Horace H. Rackham, an attorney for and original shareholder of Ford Motor Company. “His will established the Horace and Mary Rackham Fund ‘for the betterment of humanity.'”

Louisa Griffes adds that the sculptural elements are by “the famous Italian-American architectural sculptor, Corrado Parducci, who … also worked on the Ann Arbor News Building” on Huron.

The clue, “Offstage this year,” says Bob Maddox, refers to the “Summer Festival Top of the Park performances.” There’s “no street stage for TOP this year,” explains Pamela Kittel.

“Organizers had to be creative,” says Griffes, “including … small concerts (Tiny TOPs).” “Ah, memories!” says Karl, recalling summer evenings at the TOP.

We received twenty-four entries. Kittel won our random drawing, and will enjoy enjoy her $25 gift certificate for Zingerman’s.

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