May’s I Spy “is part of the outer facade of the new Pretzel Bell restaurant,” says Molly Power–and which “I still think of as where the Parthenon restaurant should be,” admits David Karl. There’s “a bell above the main entrance hence the clue, ‘bell nearby.'”

The clue “threw us for a loop,” wrote Bob and Mary Maddox, who first thought of the Burton Bell Tower area. They weren’t alone–we received two entries for Rackham and one for the State Theatre. But Kit McCullough found it “too easy!” He says the “wonderful Deco canopy,” originally painted mint green, “especially suited the Cuban restaurant” that followed Parthenon, referring to Lena–whose sign, Ken Koral remembers, was featured years ago. This “Streamline Moderne … awning dates to about 1940,” adds Eric Sobocinski who is grateful that all owners “have kept this little gem intact.”

“My first memory of this building [is] Cunninghams,” writes Treese Roth. “This was the downtown location of that Detroit pharmacy chain,” says Louisa Griffes who points out that their stores were designed by architect Charles Agree. According to Susan Wineberg, “the canopy is from the Cunningham days [but] the bricks … are quite old,” dating back to the Mack & Co. department store that occupied the space between 1860 and the 1930s.

We received thirty-one correct entries in May. Our random drawing winner is Jamie Haberichter who will enjoy a $25 gift certificate to Zingerman’s.

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