“I won’t make too much hay about it,” says Briana Green, “but this beautiful bovine vane stands atop the Haymaker bar at the corner of Washington and Fourth Ave.” “That’d be one mad cow if she knew about all the burgers being cooked below,” adds Joseph Ferrar.

“From what I understand,” writes John Zainea, the vane dates “back to a 19th century butcher shop.” Built by Hoelzle’s Butcher Shop in 1893, the building was home to several successive meat markets for over a half century. Talk about mad cow!

“The cow vane isn’t” the original one, writes Jessi Kittel, “but still rather a good one.” Metzger’s German Restaurant commissioned it as a nod to the original when they expanded into the space in the 1990s. Other businesses that once occupied the spot include Harry’s Army Surplus and a gem and mineral shop.

“Whew! Quite a history” on that corner, writes David Karl. “It will always be The Metzger’s Building to me,” says Elizabeth Smith. “This is the problem with living in Ann Arbor for over three decades,” writes David Frye. “When I wander around town ‘I see ghosts’ … ‘where Shaman Drum used to be,’ ‘where Drakes used to be,’ ‘where Borders was before it took over the old Jacobsons’ …”

We received 42 entries in March identifying the Haymaker, or Hoelzle’s, or Metzger’s … Our random drawing winner is Terri Klein Gordinier; she’ll enjoy her $25 gift certificate at Cardamom Restaurant.

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