“This rolling prairie is the site for Strathmore Development’s Broadway Village,” writes Bob Gillett about September’s feature. Or, as Silvia Ruiz puts it, it’s “the empty field at Maiden Lane and Broadway.”

David Karl “knew it was the old Kroger store lot” as soon as he looked up our clue “P.U.D.?”–Strathmore’s would-be new urban center was approved as a “planned unit development.” “No P.U.D. on site or in sight!” exclaims Cheryl Gibbs about “the so-far non-existent Lower Town development area.” Dan Romanchik “was surprised that there are even a couple semi-mature trees growing in there now.” John Hinchey observed the same thing–spurring this feature; thanks, John!

Strathmore broke ground in 2008, but construction never began, and the planned environmental cleanup of contamination from a former dry cleaner has yet to occur. “Now it’s fenced in with a locked gate,” continues Cheek, “although an occasional tent can be seen in the lot.”

Dave Bicknell, our random drawing winner from among eleven correct entries, writes that “friends of mine still recall the disappointment of having their favorite Kroger store razed and to not even build on the site made it feel like a greater loss.” Dave will use his $25 gift certificate at Downtown Home & Garden.

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