The Fake Ad for the Break Room lunchtime meal delivery service appeared on page 77 of the April Observer. A whopping 167 Fake Adders correctly identified it, including our drawing winner, Jessica Osborn. She’s taking her gift certificate to Seva.

Alert reader Richard Norman pointed out where the previous winner’s name was hidden, and also noticed an unfortunate coincidence in the issue: “I am sure my co-workers would be extremely impressed with my meal of dumplingS MIT Hasenpfeffer,” writes Norman, “What is disturbing, though, is the combination of this Ad … with the [Outside] article about those oh-so-cute hasenpfeffers on page 23. Are we supposed to admire them only up to the point where we cook them?”

“What is even more disturbing is the fact that you get well over a hundred correct entries to select a winner from,” he continues. “That averages out to one win every ten years, totally unacceptable. Not only do I deserve special attention because of the high quality of my replies, but if I do win, I can promise you a small taste of dessert from the fine meal I propose to purchase from an advertiser with the loot.”

To enter this month’s contest, find the fake ad in the May issue and follow the instructions in the box at the bottom of the Back Page. The fake ad always contains the name of last month’s winner in some form.