Russell Nichols spotted last month’s image along the new bikeway at 200 S. First St.–or, “as we old-timers think of it, the Kiwanis Building,” says Dan Romanchik. Barb Tester remembers Saturdays with a “line of customers outside the door waiting to enter at the stroke of 9.” It’s now home to AI company Clinc, and “the walls have been transformed into this very innovative mural,” Tester continues. The murals commissioned by the Ann Arbor Art Center “have been a wonderful addition to the walls of the city,” adds Ginny Weingate. Susan Pollans agrees, saying she’s “never seen so many beautiful murals in the neighborhood.”

“By Raleigh, NC artist, Taylor White,” writes David Karl, the mural at First and Washington “represents the relationship between humanity and technology.” The use of “tools” in White’s artist statement inspired the clue–Modern Tools. “It’s new and exciting,” says David, “but as White’s mural [suggests], let’s not lose our humanity for the sake of technology.”

Karl won our drawing among twenty-four correct entries; he will enjoy his $25 gift certificate at Zingerman’s. To enter this month’s contest, use the image and clue on December’s Back Page and send your answer to the address at the bottom of the page.