The Sunshine Fruit Market on Packard closed suddenly in May, but it wasn’t soon enough for the neighbors and landlord. Akram and Hana Rashid, who own the Aladdin Market next door, never really got to know their neighbors. In fact, they say they don’t even know the name of the person who bought the produce market in 2007 (previously under more congenial ownership), but he didn’t blend well with the cozy neighborhood of ethnic groceries.

Janet Seeburger knows his name but doesn’t wish to give it, though she briefly described the circumstances of his departure. Seeburger manages the property for her father, Nabih Mashmi, who owns the building, which also houses Aladdin and a few other businesses.

“They owe me a lot of money, and they left because I evicted them,” she says. The gunshot hole in the front wall was the last straw. Fortunately, she says, she’s already arranged for another produce market to step into the space, possibly as early as September: “I’m really happy to say that. I live a block away. I want a lowcost produce market in my neighborhood.”

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