Steve Gutterman paid $80,000 at a November foreclosure auction to buy 715 Miller, aka the RAW Haus (“Punk Paradise Lost,” November). The former musicians’ and artists’ collective was missing its front door, the boiler was broken, and the pipes had frozen–but, Gutterman says, it’s still “a beautiful house in a great neighborhood, basically in really sound condition.” True, it’s right next to the parking lot at Miller Manor, but Gutterman hopes management there will work with him to reduce the amount of light spilling in at night.

“Once we have some heat, I’ll gut and totally redo the kitchen and both bathrooms and repair the plaster walls,” he says. “After that, I want to really clean up the backyard and put in flowers and a garden.” By doing a lot of the work himself, Gutterman figures he can get the house back in shape for “between $30,000 and $100,000.” He hopes to be done by the end of the summer.