The curtain has come down for good at Pointless Brewery & Theatre on Packard Rd. It closed its physical operation last September and tried to make a go of offering its improvisation classes online. (Marketplace Changes, January 2021)

But in May, cofounder Jason Tomalia told patrons that the current online class season was Pointless’s last. A major reason was the death in February of his wife, Tori, who had struggled with cancer since 2013.

“Since Tori and I were very much a team, it makes it extremely difficult to simply carry on without her,” he wrote on Pointless’s website.

“Plus, the fact that I’m no longer brewing and won’t feel comfortable opening a live theater again until we’re past this pandemic makes this the right time to wind everything down.”

He continued, “Thank you all for all of your support through these years. We are so thankful for the time we’ve had with you. All the Pointless laughter and cheer were truly wonderful.”

Tomalia urged his readers to get vaccinated. “Go dream, be brave and do amazing things. Stay Pointless.”


After eight years in business, Bookbound Bookstore owners Peter and Megan Blackshear told customers they plan to close the store in late June or early July.

“Our lease is up, and we are ready to move to the next chapter of our lives,” the owners of the independent community bookshop said.

“As much as we love books, the day-to-day of the store, and all of you, it’s time to focus on our family, friends, and all of the other things we’ve set aside,” they wrote.

The store has not allowed customers inside for more than a year but hopes to do so before it closes for good. As long as Covid cases keep dropping and vaccinations continue to rise, the Blackshears said they want to reopen to hold a clearance sale sometime in June.

Until then, they will continue with curbside pickup Tuesdays through Saturdays from noon to 6 p.m. Bookbound can accept special orders until the end of May but doesn’t plan to get in many more new books.

As for next moves, “We will rest and decompress, and we will take care of our physical and mental health in a way that we haven’t been able to for years. We will catch up with friends and family. We will play with our puppy and take her for hikes in the woods.”

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