Pink Pump is closing or already closed. In mid-February, the seller of pink and other pumps of outrageous heel height, as well as other women’s clothing that looks like it could have come from the wardrobe room of Jersey Shore, had signs taped to the window offering closeout prices, but on a couple of late-morning drive-bys wasn’t open. Phone calls to the store and emails to store owner Tawny Thieu went unanswered. It wasn’t really news among area shopkeepers or real estate folks that she was looking to get out of her lease. Dave Jones looked at the space last summer when thinking about moving, rather than closing, his White Market on William. Thieu has other Pink Pump stores in the Detroit area.

Eastern Accents bakery and cafe on Fourth Avenue will be closing March 16. In a press release, owners Carol and Ben Sun cited a “long-simmering dispute with our landlord,” Dale Newman. By phone, Carol added that aging parents are part of the equation too: “Our plans for the future are up in the air. We may relocate, we make look for new careers.”

Eastern Accents is known to many as the home of A2B3, a computer geeky lunch- and email-group, chaired by Ed Vielmetti, who emails: “A2B3 started as a grand tour of all of the restaurants in town that serve bi bim bap. [After March 16] we’ll use our Yahoo group and Facebook group to coordinate new venues for the lunch group one week at a time.”

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