In October, baker Jeff Renner celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the “Best French Bread in Town”–that’s the actual name of his business–and lost his biggest outlet with the closing of Fresh Seasons Market. He’d been selling fifty or more baguettes a day, Tuesday through Friday, at the west-side market.

His unplanned vacation didn’t last long. “I contacted Jeff at 8 a.m. of the day following Fresh Seasons’ announcement,” says Robert Cantelon, manager and co-owner of Arbor Farms Market on Stadium. A former baker himself (he owned the legendary Sun Bakery downtown), Cantelon says Renner’s bread lives up to its name. “Many folks have followed” his baguettes to Arbor Farms, he says–so many that even after boosting deliveries to eighty loaves a day, they’re selling out. “We haven’t been able to get enough thus far,” says Cantelon. “We’ve asked Jeff to do an extra bake for us.”