January’s I Spy showed Observatory Lodge, at the corner of Observatory and Washington Heights. Louisa Griffes explained our clue: “Built in 1930,” she writes, it “was the last of eight … multistory apartment buildings that were built in the decade before the Great Depression.”

Pamela Kittel notes that “now it houses the School of Kinesiology.” It’s “wonderfully restored,” adds Dave Bicknell. “Love that weathervane with the squirrel holding an acorn on it.”

“I worked just next door in the School of Public Health,” writes Gail Stander. Thirty years ago, Patricia Hebert writes from Arizona, her Ann Arbor neighbor “was a professor who would walk there every day from his house in Georgetown as part of his health regime.”

Twenty-six entrants correctly identified Observatory Lodge. Our winner, drawn at random, is Bruce Michael Conforth. He’ll enjoy his $25 gift certificate at Mercy’s Restaurant.

To enter this month’s contest, use the photo and clue on the BAck Page of the February Observer to identify the scene, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.