While there are plenty of other places in Ann Arbor to get pizza and burgers, James Schayes, who opened U Pizza & Burgers last August, didn’t run with the pack. Though you could get a regulation pepperoni and mushroom pie or a cheeseburger if you wanted one, he liked to top his pizzas with odd but familiar pantry items: peanut butter and jelly, crushed Doritos, bacon and egg. And he believed that anything that could top a pizza could equally well sit atop a burger.

No one at Jackson Centre, the little strip mall roughly opposite Quality 16 Theatres on Jackson, where he held the corner spot, knows why he suddenly closed in the middle of winter. Neighbors at Ann Arbor Wine & Spirits, Exercise Warehouse, and Unique Hair Studio all shrugged and speculated that it must have been for the obvious reason–he wasn’t selling enough pizza and burgers. A successor, China King, will open soon.

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