2020 July

Small company, big change

Akervall Technologies was sitting pretty. Founded in 2009, the Saline company was named the Best Small Business of the Year in 2019 by Michigan Celebrates Small Businesses, and was growing quickly. Founder Jan Akervall, a head...

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Parking in Front of Your Driveway?

Q. I understand there’s a city law that makes it illegal to park in front of one’s own driveway. Can you unearth the rationale for this? If one can park in one’s driveway, why not in front of it?A. The street...

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Covid Costs

“We’ve spent well over six million at this point trying to address the Covid-19 crisis,” says county board of commissioners chair Jason Morgan. “We’re spending money on PPE, on testing and staffing...

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Espresso Royale Will Not Reopen

For thirty-three years, Espresso Royale was a fixture in Ann Arbor and other Midwestern college towns.Known for its handcrafted coffee drinks, roast coffees, and baked goods, the Ann Arbor-based company attracted generations of...

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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight founder Tom Hackett is retiring. Hackett, who opened the popular cafe in 1978, remains an owner, but business partner Joanne Williams has taken over day-to-day operations.A large part of Afternoon...

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Last Call at Treasure Mart

Fans of the Treasure Mart have until Aug. 1 to make their final purchases. That’s when Elaine and Carl Johns plan to close the beloved antiques consignment store in Kerrytown.The reason is her health. Elaine was diagnosed...

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