2020 January

Bennett Optometry Is Sold

After more than forty years, Dr. Steven Bennett plans to retire from Bennett Optometry in the new year. His name will retire with him, replaced by that of the new owner, St. Louis-based Clarkson Eyecare. “I was looking for...

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The Chelsea Rest Area

Q. I drive to work to Jackson from Ann Arbor every day. The rest area in Chelsea has been closed for several months now. Does anyone know why?A. This rest area’s septic field is not draining properly and needs to be...

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And Now, Drive-Thru Smoothies

As part of a larger expansion in Michigan, international chain Smoothie King opened a drive-through location in Westgate’s new building this December. With fruits and vegetables and options to add vitamins or leave out...

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Westside BBQ Closes

Westside BBQ on E. Madison off of S. Main closed its doors in early December. Though the restaurant was embroiled in an ownership lawsuit (Marketplace Changes, December 2017), online posts speculate that the proximate cause was...

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SCRAP Goes East

Two years ago, national reuse nonprofit SCRAP USA took over management of the Scrap Box, a nonprofit that for thirty-seven years had invited kids to turn all sorts of surplus materials into craft creations. Now they’ve...

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Gifts of Knowledge

“I didn’t know Michigan had a football team,” I told my boyfriend when I first moved to Ann Arbor. It was new-person swagger and a little bit of truth. Coming from the land of dawgs and gators, I needed to...

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