2018 November

Pangea May Return

“Rumors of my untimely demise were possibly greatly exaggerated, even by me,” says J.C. Potts, owner of Pangea Piercing. Last month, Potts announced that Pangea would be permanently closing after a large number of...

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Who’s Charlotte Russe?

First, Wet Seal departed from Briarwood’s west hallway, then Love Culture. Now Charlotte Russe is the third trendy young women’s clothing store in a row to take on the space that once was home to Borders...

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The Ulta Secret

In mid-October, the Cranbrook Village Ulta–and all its staff–officially made the move to its new location in Maple Village. The national beauty company is popular as an alternative to luxury beauty retailers like...

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Parking in the Center Lane?

Q. Many Ann Arbor streets now have a center lane for turns.  I’ve been seeing delivery vehicles stopping in those lanes while a delivery is made.  Is that legal?A.  It is not; the center lane is for left turns only.Got a...

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Sears Goes Bankrupt

Briarwood is about to lose one of its anchors: the Sears store there is one of the 142 “least profitable” Sears and Kmart locations that will close “near the end of the year,” according to a press release...

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Wishful Thinking

Table talk is sometimes wishful thinking.”Being able to hear your date is important to most people and particularly important to me,” says Gregory Scott. His hearing aid, like all hearing aids, amplifies sound...

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A striped skunk strolled leisurely across our neighbor’s backyard, clearly a stroller...

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Center Sale

Tucked into a hillside, with two levels looking over a recessed courtyard, the low brick building...

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