2018 July

Coach Mac

Bacon’s new collection of sports writing, The Best of Bacon, includes a pair of essays about his boyhood baseball coach, Mac McKenzie. They’re slightly condensed here from the versions that appeared, a year apart, on...

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Three Summer Closings

Great Plains Burger Company on Plymouth closed abruptly in May. Owner Mo Farha could not be reached for comment.from August Calls & LettersLast month’s Marketplace Changes item on the closing of Great Plains Burger...

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Sylvia Nolasco-Rivers Reprioritizes

Sylvia Nolasco-Rivers is downsizing Pilar’s Tamales. She closed the dining room next door to her original restaurant in June to devote more time to her new nonprofit.She says she has been holding various fundraisers in the...

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Funeral Processions?

Q. Recently I saw a funeral procession with a police escort. Can anyone call the police or sheriff’s department and request an escort? Is there a fee?A. AAPD Sergeant Bill Clock emails: “AAPD Special Services and...

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Four Locals

Creating Quiet SpacesArtists hope fairgoers will react to their work. But when they get to Rose...

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Salads UP tries Briarwood

Despite its many long-standing food options, Briarwood has never had an official “food court.” Technically it still doesn’t, but according to Max Steir, Briarwood is developing a “dining pavilion”...

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Cold War?

Last summer, people were talking about what sounded like a chilly competition in downtown Dexter. The Dexter Creamery had just opened, dishing up soft-serve yogurt right across Main St. from the venerable Dairy Queen. Meanwhile,...

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