2018 February

Water Towers?

Q. I’m sixty-three, and I’ve grown up with water towers. Are they really still necessary? I can’t see how water towers would help us for long if we had a big water issue.A. The city’s two water towers are...

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From Sell to Serve

“What is going on at M&Y?” asks a chalked message on a large wall in the backroom of Morgan & York. The answer: the longtime wine store and specialty grocer is trading its state license to sell bottled hard...

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Five Late-2017 Closings

One year after its originally scheduled departure, English Gardens has finally left Maple Village. President John Darin is clear about the terms of the exit: “We’re not leaving by our choice.” According to...

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The Blind Pig Sale, Cont.

“The sale officially took place on my fortieth birthday,” says Joe Malcoun. “I spent my fortieth birthday in a boardroom … signing the last documents then waiting in an office of the Michigan Liquor...

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Pot Politics

“We’re trying to get a movement going,” says Chantel Waske, receptionist and...

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