2017 November

Goldfish in West Park?

Q. There’s a shallow pond in the corner of West Park with a boardwalk across it–my wife and I love walking by the pond and watching the ducks and goldfish (and occasional heron!). But after seeing how thoroughly...

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Clean Coach

In September, federal prosecutors charged assistant basketball coaches at four Division I schools...

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Kirkland Opens

Kirkland’s opened in Maple Village, adding still another shade of home decor to the various shades already available at HomeGoods, Stein Mart, and Five Below. With the apostrophe-s distinguishing it from the unrelated...

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Barton Dam

Barton Dam creates the pond that provides most of the city’s drinking water. Its powerhouse...

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New Path

Sikkenga, associate director of the U-M’s Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum,...

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Macaroons on the March

With lighting speed, Kelly Toland turned the space that was the organic clothing store Perpetua Boutique on Fourth Ave. into Le Bon Macaron, a genteel, light-filled cafe named for its prize product: macarons in all colors of the...

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Going Up

As downtown added thousands of jobs and residents, the number of hourly parkers rose 30 percent...

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A Trio of Jewelry Store Changes

An independent jeweler’s bread and butter is making custom engagement rings. All that quality craftsmanship comes at a price, and Mark Urban of Urban Jewelers says he has always priced his rings fairly.”Some of my...

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Shakeup at the Scrap Box

When we spoke to Scrap Box founder Karen Ensminger in 2015, she said that as usual, the local creative reuse center was “hanging by its fingernails” financially. Since then, Ensminger has retired–and the...

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