2017 April

Jefferson Market?

Q. I am intrigued by Jefferson Market, specifically how a shop came to exist in the middle of a residential neighborhood. I enjoy going there and wonder why there aren’t more cafes like it in other neighborhoods. I’m...

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DIY Curator

Klapischak, twenty-five, felt frustrated by the local art scene after earning a BFA from the U-M...

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Chain Stores in Flux

Few chain stores have broken into Ann Arbor’s downtown, which gets much of its cachet from maintaining a large population of locally owned indies. Moosejaw and American Apparel are two of the exceptions, but now both are...

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A Big Vacancy

Wet Seal and Gold ‘n’ Gems left Briarwood earlier this year. The strangely named Wet Seal was no surprise–selling basically the same stuff as Forever 21 down the hall, with a smaller, darker footprint, the...

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