2008 August

The Doyle & Debbie Show

How easy it would be to notice “The Doyle & Debbie Show” on the Ark’s November schedule, quickly dismiss it as some weird Nashville country music/comedy duo you’ve never heard of, and not go.And what...

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The Ultrasounds

As I was skimming through the Ultrasounds' press release, a refreshingly frank quote caught my eye. "People don't want to hear songs about how bad things suck all the time," says lead guitarist Patrick Betzold....

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Sebastian and RMcGuinn

Roger McGuinn and John Sebastian are playing back-to-back solo sets at the Michigan Theater on Friday, August 8. It’s the hottest double bill of the summer: this is Roger McGuinn of the Byrds — “Mr. Tambourine...

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Panhandle Slim

Jeff Daniels, that restless playwriting mill, keeps shoving the raw grist of Americana into the hopper and spitting out scripts. His most sustained look at American life and myth is the Escanaba soon-to-be-trilogy of North Woods...

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A Place at the Table

There's nothing so blatantly vaginal as Judy Chicago's work in the current exhibition at the Ann Arbor Art Center, although it obviously refers to her controversial feminist masterpiece, The Dinner Party. Sponsored by...

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Dana Cooper

Music is a young person's art, so I'm always fascinated by musicians who keep commanding attention with fresh material after several decades in the business. Singer-songwriter Dana Cooper, who'll be featured at the...

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