2006 August

NOMO at the Ark

Vampires don’t dance to the music of NOMO — the warm blood of the living courses not through their veins — but pretty much everyone else within, say, 100 feet of this A2-born-and-bred post-Afrobeat horn-heavy band will be...

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Blood Simple

When it was shown at the still fledgling Sundance Film Festival in 1985, Blood Simple astounded audiences around the world with its playfully professional yet grisly homage to the noir and horror film genres. Brothers Joel and...

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Del Castillo

They call this music flamenco rock, and Del Castillo is not the only band in Austin that plays it. Perhaps it got started with El Mariachi, Austin filmmaker Robert Rodriguez's delightful low-budget romp in which a...

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Honus & Me

Hey, kids — if Superman's stunts had your heart in your throat, try watching an actor swinging a real baseball bat at a real pitch on the small Purple Rose stage. He's supposed to miss, but what if he hits the ball...

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Mason Proper

"I knew something like this would happen when their parents started listening to Devo." This was my companion's comment at a recent performance by Ann Arbor's Mason Proper. Only some of the music of these young...

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Vito Jesus Valdez

A lion with a heart of steel wool, a rainstick torpedo, and a lawn mower dog-man appear in the Ann Arbor Art Center's show of exuberant works by Detroit multimedia artist and muralist Vito Jesus Valdez. The nine large,...

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