Click here to view of zoomable map of January, 2010, crime reports from the Ann Arbor Police Department and the public safety departments of the U-M and Pittsfield Township.

Burglaries declined compared to January, 2009, and, thankfully, there was no repeat of last January’s homicide. While all other categories rose compared to the prior year, overall levels remain low–criminals, too, like to lie low in the coldest months. Burglaries, for example, declined by about one-third between December and January both this year and last.

#PAGEBREAK#January 2010 Crime totals (including attempts)

Burglaries 33

Sexual Assaults 8

Vehicle Thefts 14

Robberies 7

Homicides 0


January 2009 Crime totals (including attempts)

Burglaries 39

Sexual Assaults 6

Vehicle Thefts 11

Robberies 3

Homicides 0