We received 192 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for a Hungarian restaurant, Bewrobra, on p. 77 of the July Observer. “Bewrobra” is, of course, our magic word, “Arborweb,” spelled backward, a simple stratagem we could never use if our website were named “Radar” or “Madam I’m Adam.”

“This was the most glaringly obvious fake ad I’ve seen!” wrote Megan Andrews. “I wasn’t even thinking about looking for the Fake Ad when I saw this! Maybe it’s because I love Hungarian food and I surely would know of a Hungarian restaurant. Plus, I can read backwards pretty easily.”

“Hello! (Szia!)” wrote Erica Blom. “As soon as I saw the ad I cut it out for my mother who is a refugee from Hungary and would be thrilled to dine at such a place. I thought the name was strange–not very Hungarian sounding to me–but decided to look into eating there anyway. When I saw it said call for reservations, with no phone number, I realized it must be fake! I am glad I figured it out before I invited my mother! Koeszoenoem!” The word koeszoenoem, of course, means “thank you” in Hungarian.

Well, Erica, szivesen.

But enough of the Hungarian small talk. Ypsilanti’s John Cotner was chosen as our winner. He’s taking his gift certificate to the Fake Ad Czar’s father’s favorite restaurant: Metzger’s.

For a chance to win a $25 gift certificate, spot this month’s phony in the August Observer and enter using the instructions in the box on p. 67. The deadline to enter this month’s contest is August 10.