For information about the Ann Arbor City Council and issues currently before it, see, or call the Ann Arbor city clerk at (734) 794-6140. If you want to see changes made in any city law, rule or procedure, call your council representatives.

City council adopts the city’s annual budget and determines city laws and policies. It has 11 members: 2 from each of the city’s 5 wards, plus the mayor. Ward representatives are paid $16,231.76/year and the mayor earns $45,210. Councilmembers are elected to staggered 4-year terms: 1 seat in each ward is filled in a partisan election every even-year November. Ann Arbor has not elected a Republican officeholder since 2003, so the Democratic primary (see Elections) almost always decides the council’s membership.

Regular city council meetings are held the 1st & 3rd Mon. at 7 p.m. in the council chambers, 2nd floor of City Hall. Agendas for council meetings and notices of public hearings are posted at Special and working sessions, open to the public, are conducted as needed; notice is posted in City Hall and at Public comment time is available at all meetings, and all meetings are broadcast live on the city’s Community Television Network (

10 3-minute slots are available for public comment at the beginning of each regular council meeting. Sign-up for speaking slots begins at 8 a.m. the day of the meeting; call (734) 794-6140 to sign up. Members of the public may address council at the end of each meeting. Persons with disabilities can arrange accommodations, including sign-language interpreters, by contacting the city clerk’s office, 301 E. Huron, 2nd floor (734) 794-6140, Requests must be made at least two business days before meeting times.

Mayor, Larcom City Hall, 3rd floor. (734) 794-6161. The mayor, elected in a partisan election every 4 years, presides over city council and is a voting member; leads council in setting policy and approving the budget; nominates members of boards and commissions, subject to confirmation by city council; has the power to veto most council actions; has certain police powers in emergencies; and acts as ceremonial head of the city.

City Council representatives – WARDS

One half of City Council is elected every two years, concurrent with the State General Election, in partisan elections. Council terms switched in 2017 from two years to four years. Council Members elected in 2017 served a three-year term, expiring in 2020, after which time all terms became four years, expiring in even years. To learn the names of your current council representatives, find your neighborhood on the City’s ward map or call 794-6161.


Mayor – Christopher Taylor (D)

301 E. Huron, 48104 [map]
(734) 794-6161

Term expires Nov. 2022.


WARD 1 – Jeff Hayner (D)

1807 Pontiac Trail, 48105 [map]
(734) 255-6085

Term expires Nov. 2022.


WARD 1 – Lisa Disch (D)

441 Hilldale Dr. 48105 [map]
(734) 369-3571

Term expires Nov. 2024.


WARD 2 – Linh Song (D)

1290 Bardstown Trail 48105 [map]
(734) 210-1396

Term expires Nov. 2024.


WARD 2 – Kathy Griswold (D)

3565 Fox Hunt, 48105 [map]
(734) 657-7900

Term expires Nov. 2022.


WARD 3 – Travis Radina (D)

2060 Champagne Dr. 48108 [map]
(734) 219-6551

Term expires Nov. 2023.


WARD 3 – Julie Grand (D)

1604 Brooklyn, 48104 [map]
(734) 678-7567

Term expires Nov. 2022.


WARD 4 – Elizabeth Nelson (D)

1319 Ardmoor, 48103 [map]
(734) 997-9688

Term expires Nov. 2022.


WARD 4 – Jen Eyer (D)

716 Braeside Place 48103 [map]
(734) 210-0765

Term expires Nov. 2024.


WARD 5 – Ali Ramlawi (D)

428 S. Seventh, 48103 [map]
(734) 730-6062

Term expires Nov. 2022.


WARD 5 – Erica Briggs (D)

204 Mark Hannah, 48103 [map]
(734) 355-3931

Term expires Nov. 2024.