We received 140 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for “Need a Fourth?” on page 75 of the March issue.

“The Fake Ad Czar has outdone himself this time—putting in the name of last month’s winner as a fill-in-the-blank item in the ad for Need a Fourth,” writes Jacqueline Cousteau. “I was 100% certain this was the ad from your inimitable style—and even checked to be sure the website didn’t exist. But I couldn’t find the name ‘Cartman’ anywhere, and couldn’t crack the code for where it might be hiding. It was my spouse who thought to Google to find the 4th to fill in the blank, and discovered that Cartman is a character on South Park. (Since we don’t have a functional television, we’re culturally clueless.) Thanks for getting us up to speed on pop culture!”

“Despite being a big South Park fan during the early seasons, I never learned the last names of Stan, Kyle, and Kenny,” writes Eric Sobocinski. “The pattern that should have quickly led me to Cartman escaped me for hours. Well done.”

“I thought the idea of ‘need a fourth’ was a great one, and I decided to check out the website, only to find it isn’t a registered domain name!!” Stacy Mero writes. “Very sneaky, but now I’m left disappointed not to have somewhere to find euchre games.”

Our winner, Christine Dager, is taking her $25 gift certificate to Zingerman’s.

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