“Are you ready for Moldovite?” asks a sign at Enlightened Soul Center & Shop. Found in the Czech Republic and “thought to be the product of an ancient meteorite impact,” the stones are “said to have a transformative effect on the bearer.” So rare they cost $27 a gram, they’re represented by photos, but co-owner and spiritual counselor Amy Garber is glad to bring them out on request. 

Enlightened Soul grew out of the psychic fairs that Garber and friends have organized since 2013. When her U-M job ended in 2015, Garber took the plunge to rent space on Platt, where she sublet rooms to other New Age practitioners and did her own channeled psychic readings, remote Reiki readings, and past-life healing regressions (she also teaches intuition classes).

Garber and business partner John Floros added the shop last fall, when they expanded into the former Lotus Center on Carpenter (Lotus owner Brodie Burris, an acupuncturist and herbalist, is downsizing his practice). They have crystals in raw and polished forms (“Place a large fluorite crystal in a study or work space to help with orderliness!”), ornate pendulums whose motion can be interpreted to answer questions, and multicolored chakra candles from Ferndale’s Coventry Creations that are said to promote healing, confidence, love, and more. “And of course we have many types of gemstone jewelry that you don’t have to be a New Age practitioner to love,” Garber adds in a follow-up text. Lovely little pieces of polished rose quartz are just $3.

It’s an airy, peaceful place, but with an event room, a classroom, and half a dozen treatment rooms as well as the shop, it’s seldom empty. During an April visit, Misha Tuesday was setting up to teach his Active Tarot certification class, and energy healer and craniosacral therapist Eartha Sundance stopped by to paint the treatment room she’ll move into this month—and to share the good news that her newest grandchild just came home from the NICU. 

Enlightened Soul Center & Shop, 2711 Carpenter Rd. Wed.–Sat. noon–7 p.m. Closed Sun.–Tues. enlightenedsoulcenter.com