Why does Vie Fitness & Spa have a new security system? Because, when owner Heather Dupuis opened her Ashley Street storefront early one September morning, she found a man inside wearing nothing but a pair of hot pink women’s spandex shorts. She recognized the shorts: they were a brand called Lululemon, and he’d taken them from one of the store’s display racks.

Crouching in fear, the thief begged Dupuis not to call the police. After Dupuis ordered him out, she did just that and learned there had been several other break-ins in the area. Searching the spa, she found two laptop computers missing.

Apparently the thief got rid of the computers–but couldn’t resist coming back to try on the shorts. The only other items missing were a couple of bottles of tropical-scented body lotion. In her office, Dupuis found a neatly folded pile of men’s clothing.