Crazy Wisdom Bookstore shut its doors on Main St. for the last time on Feb. 15. Founded by Aura Glaser in the Kerrytown area in 1982, purchased by Ruth Schekter and Bill Zirinsky in 1989, and moved to a building they bought on Main a decade later, it was in its fortieth year.

Cherrywood shelves provided a tranquil backdrop to its thoughtfully curated selection of spiritual books and merchandise, which tilted toward eastern religions and alternative thought. In notes posted online, one customer recalled meeting her future husband waiting in line at the tea room upstairs, another finding comfort there after her divorce.

Crazy Wisdom continues online at and through its publications: the print Crazy Wisdom Community Journal and Crazy Wisdom Weekly e-zine.

Zirinsky emails that he’s “had some interest in the space” and has taken part in a number of Zoom calls with interested buyers.

“We’ll see if someone comes along who is the right fit, and can make a solid proposal,” he writes. “I am patient, and not in a rush.”

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