One evening in May, Susan Fecteau was clomping back and forth on her kneepads on the sidewalk outside Literati bookstore, writing her latest missive to Rick Snyder. A passing couple paused to ask what response she’d been getting to her chalked messages, which chastise the governor for the Flint water crisis. “It is 99.9 percent positive,” she said. And the rest? “They’ve sent hate messages,” she shrugs. But she says supporters–including some nearby merchants–have donated boxes of chalk. (People around the country did, too, after a Detroit Free Press article went national.)

Fecteau doesn’t just chalk messages on the block where the governor has a condo–she also circulates petitions to recall him. Has she ever crossed paths with the man himself? “I saw Rick an hour ago,” she said. “He’s back from his trip [to Germany]. He and a couple guys were carrying luggage.” When Snyder saw her, she says, he turned his back and took “a different way” to his condo.

Passing again half an hour later, the couple found the chalker gone–and a message that read, “Rick, you can only piss people off for so long. Just sayin’.”