Last month’s Fake Ad winner, Lisa Dugdale, is just about as representative of Ann Arbor as Michigan football, Zingerman’s, and bragging about how smart your kids are. Her entry correctly identified the Fake Ad for the Cap-Eleon, a replaceable front section for baseball caps. That entry was chosen from among 136 correct responses, and she’s taking her gift certificate to the Ravens Club.

Sonia Zawacki thought the Cap-Eleon was a good idea, but, she writes, “My son would never have gone for it, though. He loved having dozens of baseball caps hanging on his closet door handle.”

Ypsilanti’s Nancie Loppnow had a similar story to tell. “The Fake Ad for November is on page 76 for Cap-Eleon, which is something I could really use,” she wrote. “Not for my teenage boy–he is grown and gone–but for his dad! He had enough caps and hats to start his own store. Looking into that, actually. Thanks for addressing a serious storage concern in our household!”

The ad even prompted Mel Rogers to send in a picture of her mud room, with a herd of her husband’s hats hanging from hooks–both a first for our contest and a welcome opportunity for alliteration.

To enter this month’s contest, find the Fake Ad in the December issue and follow the instructions in the box at the bottom of the Back Page. Hint: the ad always includes the name of the Observer’s website,–this month in the sentences, “The Cap-eleon was invented by students right here in Ann Arbor. Web site …”