“I believe that’s Maynard House,” says Jeff Hauptman, “but from the angle it almost looks like [a] bizarre type of roofing shingle.” “The House illuminated by the Plaza is the Maynard House Apartments,” confirms Susan Daron. It’s “at the corner of Maynard and East William,” adds James Ferguson, “just across from the Tower Plaza.” Built in 1962, Maynard House was the first high-rise apartment building in town. Tower Plaza, completed seven years later, proved controversial as it took advantage of the newly lifted height regulations, a limit that has recently been reinstated. After a face-lift on its south side, it now shines down on its surroundings.

“Campus Barbers (our favorite hair care place),” writes Suzanne Tainter, “is on the ground level [of Maynard House]” –along with several other businesses, including AccuCopy, the Clothesline, and the recently opened Iorio’s Gelateria. “I walk out my door and that’s what I see,,” writes first-time entrant Matt Hickey–owner of the Campus Barber and Beauty Salon–about November’s photo. A sight also seen periodically by Judy Avery, who identifies the building as the “home to Campus Barbers, where Matt regularly cuts my hair.”

Thirteen entrants correctly identified November’s feature. Matt Hickey won our random drawing and will take his $25 gift certificate to Biwako Sushi.

To enter this month’s contest, use the photo and clue on the Back Page of the December issue to identify the scene, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page. All entries must be received by noon on December 9.