Brookstone at Briarwood was closing in February–the company is bankrupt. The mall’s RadioShack is also closing because of that chain’s bankruptcy. High-tech gadget companies have taken a beating lately–SkyMall fell out of the skies at almost the same time. On the bright side, a RadioShack spokesperson says the west side store in Maple Village will remain in operation.

YCI Clothing, a sorority-sisterish boutique on South U, quietly closed at the end of last year. Reader Stephanie Hensel writes: “It was empty for a minute and then became the hiring location for HopCat.”

South U Area Association executive director Maggie Ladd says the family-owned business, most recently operated by Sabrina Hirachian, “was doing fine, but the area’s in transition. There’s going to be some development of the Ulrich property next door.”

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