Briarwood added three stores over the summer. Best Buy Mobile set up shop next to T-Mobile (near JCPenney). It’s basically Best Buy’s version of a phone store, though in deference to its neighbor, this one doesn’t sell T-Mobile. It does sell all the other phones, including iPhones. It also sells tablets (though not iPads), e-book readers, and various accessories.

Francesca’s Collections, near Von Maur, is a chain of stores for mainly teenage girly-type girls: with bundles of frilly, flirty, colorful clothing and accessories spilling over its tables and racks.

Mix Laundry, another clothing store at the very end of the spur near Eddie Bauer, is a little harder to categorize. It’s not a chain, but a newly invented store owed by LaTache Dabney, who has owned and worked in clothing stores around Detroit. Her brother Cordairro says she’s in the process of dropping the men’s clothing and focusing on women of all ages. The women’s clothing could, like Francesca’s, be described as flirty and colorful, with a little more of a hip-hop, urban vibe.

Best Buy Mobile, 761-5872.

Mix Laundry, 418-2567.

Francesca’s Collections, 332-3886.

All Briarwood main corridor stores open Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m.-6 p.m.