By Nikita

It’s summertime. You’ll probably find me munching on a delicious 15-cent peppermint stick. Summertime is when I have no responsibilities, so I can be out and about all the time.

My neighborhood is a small community of about 30 or so houses. There are many kids, so it’s easy to always have a close friend who is around your age. Most of us know one another.

Right near my neighborhood is the Dixboro General Store. In the summer, It’s the cutest place to visit. It’s everything an antique general store should be: warm, comfortable, and home-like. After all, it was a home turned general store. Every time you go there, you always find the cutest new things to buy, not to mention all of their other candy and chocolate and fudge goodies. In the general store, everyone knows everyone no matter when you walk in, you’ll always be able to catch a smile.

Opposite from the general store is the café. There, me and my neighborhood friends know everyone that works there, so they’re always willing to make us special off-the-menu treats. They have all kinds of food at all times, and me and my friends enjoy occasionally biking there after school, whether it’s grabbing ice cream or a bagel at the café, or a cake from the general store! Not to mention, the café has the best soup! Diagonally next to the café is the church. Every Friday afternoon in the spring time, they have a farmer’s market there so it’s busy and a lot of kids show up. The playground behind the church and the swing sets are always full in the spring and summer times.