They won’t be able to hand deliver their neighbors’ orders any more, but that’s the only drawback Aubrey Lopatin can see to moving Arbor Teas, her and her husband Jeremy’s seven-year-old online tea company, out of their house on West Madison.

“It started with one room in the basement,” she says. “Then it was two. Now there’s tea everywhere!”

All ninety-two Arbor Teas (they plan to add five more in the next few months) are certified organic, about three-quarters are Fair Trade Certified, and all are packed in pouches that are backyard compostable. “That’s our niche,” says Lopatin.

Their new physical niche on North Main is three times the size of their current space. “We’re very excited,” she says. “It’s bigger than our house.”

It won’t be a store, however. That kind of time commitment isn’t in the cards for a couple with two children under the age of three, nor will both Lopatins be working for the company simultaneously. In order to have health insurance, one of them has always had an outside job while the other, currently Aubrey, runs Arbor Teas.

Their neighbors needn’t worry, however. Delivery within the city limits is still free.