Part One.

I needed some things at home, and thought that Bed Bath & Beyond could solve all my problems.
I drove there, parked, and approached with great hope.

I began to look around, pleased with my purpose and focus.
My basket was not empty.

Therein perched a large insect. Not at all what I had expected
to find at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Within seconds my mission changed. I felt compelled to enact a rescue. 

Leaving the store, I carried the basket, with praying mantis, to my car.
I felt a certain fervor. I imagine that saints and felons feel
similarly about their endeavors.

Once home, I urged the praying mantis to scramble freely upon a tall tree.

It did.

My dog and I watched proudly, needing no thanks for our reward.

Part Two.

Imagine, if you will, you are a cardinal.  

And you have a family to feed.

We could only watch the scene unfold with horror.

Part Three.

Imagine, if you will, you are a cat …