“I found it,” writes Kimberly Barrett about September’s I Spy–AT&T’s control office at 315 E. Washington. “The more elaborate facade is the backside of the building.”

“The photo shows one of eight stone rosettes in the spandrels between the first and second floor windows,” adds Larry Kestenbaum. To his informed eye, the bricklaying was “dead giveaway–Flemish Bond: alternating headers and stretchers in each course of brick.”

“The building formerly known as Michigan Bell … was built in 1925,” writes David Karl. It was “designed by architect William Kapp–also known for Rackham Hall.”

“This was a lot of fun to figure out,” says Dan Romanchik. It “backs up to where the A&P Cleaners was located,” writes Silvia Ruiz, referring to the clue about “the first drive-thru cleaners in

the area.” Louisa Griffs appreciated that connection to August’s puzzle–A&P “moved from their Liberty Street location to 312 E. Huron in November, 1956.” At the time, writes Barb Tester, the newspaper quoted “owner David Mayerstein as saying … ‘customers will enter through a door on Fifth Ave. … and drive out of a Huron St. exit.'”

We received thirteen correct entries in September, and Andrea Mayerstein Ludwig won our random drawing. She writes, “the hunt was another thrill for me … my parents, Dave & Katherine, were … the originators” of the drive-thru.

Mayerstein will enjoy her $25 gift certificate at Zingerman’s. To enter this month’s contest, use the image and clue above to find the location and send your answer to the address below.