“I spy Angell Hall Observatory!” asserts Victoria Devulder. August’s “picture shows the dome,” notes Ivana Mrazova. “It’s not commonly visible from ground level,” points out Dean McLaughlin. The photo “was probably taken from an elevated location.” Correct! (A bench by the art museum was involved.)

Patrick Seitzer, Research Professor in Astronomy at U-M, relays that “the dome and telescope were installed in 1994 and replace an earlier Student Observatory which dated from the 1920s.” “I haven’t been there for ages,” writes Pamela Kittel. “I hear they have a planetarium now.” In 2004, a Zeiss Skymaster projector was installed; it can display the night sky as viewed from any point on the earth.

Thirty-eight people entered a guess for an observatory; thirty-one of those identified the correct one. (The others were for the Detroit Observatory at the corner of E. Ann and Observatory.) Our winner, drawn randomly from the correct entries, is Judi Taylor. She writes, “My son thinks he deserves 10% of the prize since he told me it was an observatory. Not!” She’ll bring her $25 gift certificate to the Bank of Ann Arbor.

To enter this month’s contest, use the photo and clue on the Back Page of the September issue to identify the scene, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.