Students lined up in advance on opening day at Sweetgreen, a fast-casual restaurant chain focused on salads. Corporate spokesperson Grace Demeritt thinks it’s a sign of the brand’s surging popularity—and also possibly the impact of recruiting U-M student-athlete influencers.

The Los Angeles-based company went public in 2021 and has more than 180 locations in sixteen states plus Washington D.C., where it was founded in 2007 by a trio of newly minted Georgetown grads.

The S. State St. eatery seats twenty-three and features artwork commissioned from U-M grad Martyna Alexander. The fare favors fresh and healthy options, including a kids menu and seasonal specialties, with many ingredients organic and/or locally produced. Bread and goat cheese come from Zingerman’s, organic tofu from Ann Arbor–based Rosewood, and sweet potatoes from Zeeland’s Visser Farms.

The sign for another Sweetgreen is up at 3070 Washtenaw Ave. in the Arbor Hills center. Google shows an opening date of March 28, but Demeritt had no details to share at press time.

Sweetgreen, 311 S. State St., (734) 600–9030. Daily 10:30 a.m.–10 p.m.