“I walk past this location all the time and never noticed it until now!” exclaims Cynthia Cipolla. “That’s where I bought my first books … at UM,” writes Natalie Bartolacci. “This month’s I Spy is the doorway of the ‘S.W. Trick Building’–now part of the Michigan Book & Supply,” writes Sally Collins. “It was Kresge’s Mart” when Robert Koernke was young. “I used to eat at the … lunch counter there,” shares Tim Reade. Eric Sobocinski still thinks “of it as the Kresge building.” “It never seemed to me to be a building worth naming,” he adds, wondering who S.W. Trick was.

Louisa Griffes surmises he might be the same S.W. Trick who previously owned a business in Benton Harbor. If Louisa is right, it seems as though that Samuel W. Trick owned a precursor to Kresge’s on the other side of the state: the “Trick Building” in Benton Harbor housed “Trick’s 5 and 10c Store,” according to the 1918 Benton Harbor Polk Directory.

We received nineteen entries, eighteen of which were correct. Kristen Schleick, our random drawing winner, knows the building as MBS–“one of the first sights I remember during my orientation as a student at the UM.” She will take her $25 gift certificate to Downtown Home and Garden.

To enter this month’s contest, use the photo and clue on the Back Page of the November Ann Arbor Observer to identify the scene, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.