Robin Hills Farm of Chelsea may be coming late to Southeast Michigan’s crowded market for community-supported agriculture (CSA) crop shares, but it’s arriving with a few interesting twists. Vegetable manager Mitzi Koors says members of the “organic destination farm” who prepay for a $100 share will get an extra 10 percent worth of produce when they pick up their Russian kale, heirloom tomatoes, lettuces, herbs, and more at Ann Arbor’s Wednesday evening farmers’ market or Saturdays at Chelsea’s. Alternatively, they can collect their share at the Sweetwaters on W. Washington on Tuesday afternoons, and then add on slightly discounted coffee, sweet teas, or pastries to complete the take-home package. And traditionalists who prefer to take delivery at the farm itself can take time while they’re there to hike, fish, picnic, or take discounted classes in canning, permaculture, or other topics.

Robin Hills Farm managing partner Roy Xu (pronounced “shoe”) is also a founding partner of Ann Arbor-based GreenBright Design Build, which is constructing the farm in phases as a model of sustainable, organic agriculture, and land stewardship. Xu’s family history includes a farm in China decades ago; Koors more recently ran a small farm in Jackson County. According to their mission statement, they and additional principals want “to provide an experience that educates and fascinates our community.” If you’re envisioning an eco-wedding banquet a bit down the line, for example, they’re envisioning a wind- and solar-powered event space where you can hold it. Meanwhile, anyone can visit for a Wednesday tour. Details at